So hot

Ow its so hot sat in my house trying to keep cool is not working. So I close curtains and walk round naked. I have a bath. I dry and just don’t get dressed. Much cooler. I go on the playstation and play bus simulator. Then I get joined in a party by my husband then all the gang seep in one by one. We have amazing night talking laughing and playing seprate games. Before we know it. Its gone midnight. This happened after tea. So we all talk till three in the morning. We also do better in are games. Amazing. Next day we spend the day reading my a to z of driving signs. My husband catching up on his oak island and skinwalker ranch. Really getting in to it. Next stop food then meet the gang on playstation chat and a laugh. Maybe moans depending on how tired everyone is. Haha . That is a good day in my house and even the cats get on on those days. Heres to more many more.xxxx

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