the life people live and put up with

so what do you put up with ? just keeping your life stable. the macking of dissions can be the thing i find difficalt. what am i to do. i am weak spirit and weak mind. i like things to be made easy and get confused when their not. what is a good dission what is a bad one. things others find easy can be so difficalt for others. when you dont now or cant hear it. when your scared you can turn to find a less scare route or the easy way. in life though their is no easy way. so all of that done and your not sure who to trust. turns out only you yourself can diside. its difficalt enough without the added felling of emotion that wont let your sensable side come through. its got to be done but it would be easy without trouble upset and anger. noone can leave them behind. but the one thing it is. is when your scared of what might happen. scared of future and not knowing were its going to lead you. being scared to be alone. being scared of being invisable,not wonted. then their is being scared of being wonted,never been left alone. i find medition can relax you but it wont take problems away. it can help with a positive mind and help relax to have a good night sleep. well good night my friend it has been nice to chat and i shall not be here for a wail. its sadness and desper. we all live and have to learn to do it better to make ourselves to protect ourselves. only you can make you happy.

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